Our Business is Global. We assist startups and business wanting to extend their footprint in to the United States or in businesses needing to grow its footprint into China, Africa and European.

Our Business

APA acts as the underwriter, diligence team , development partner for a myriad of investors and corperate institutions for acquisitions and dispositions based upon client earning goals.

Underwrite Merchant Banking Activities

Acquire Strategic Assets

APA also acquires assets that enhance our existing portfolio for growth, long term yield and strategic concentration of influence.

Sovereign Advisory

Our company acts as a sovereign advisor for onshore and offshore management of funds for currency exchange, hedging and safe keeping.

Reposition Businesses

APA acts as a Chief Restructuring Officer for companies that are in distress due to numerous adverse business consequences. We focus on Non Judicial solutions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

APA assists in the M&A activities for both clients and family offices in our various areas of expertise.

Private Capital Advisory

APA acts as an advisor for the procurement of private and public capital securing  both debt and equity financing for Private and Public Capital Company's.