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APA is a new commercial enterprise that receives EB5 funding from foreign nationals and loan/transfers to U.S. jobs creating enterprises.

We are affiliated with Florida EB5 investments LLC. and Florida EB5 Quantum Investments LLC. The founders have worked globally with Public, Private, Governmental, and Quasi-Governmental Entities and International Financial Institutions and banks for the placement of project based financial investments.

APA is run by the executive team of Daniel D Jittu and John Joseph Murphy. Messrs., Murphy, and Jittu have a combined record of accomplishment of business performance of over 80 years. They are both U.S. citizens and were born and raised in the USA. We are joined by Mr. Cheng Kim Man Leo who is based in Guangzhou China.


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Daniel Jittu


Mr. Jittu started his career in international affairs where he brought in leaders from around the world into the United States. Later he worked at a prestigious think tank and assisted in pre-policy for incoming US President Ronald Reagan.  

His global knowledge and keen intuition expanded his horizons into government security and international corporate development. 

Jittu later followed his passion of the arts and produced and structured finance for movies, books, music and later assisted in acquiring close to 500 radio stations. 

In the late 90’s Jittu and Murphy met while working at Merchant Banking new start and assisted in the acquisition of over 87 companies. The friendship built and the two started American Pacific Assurance LLC using their expertise to acquire real estate and businesses in the United States. 


Currently Mr. Murphy is President & CEO of Northport International. Inc. an investment company with offices in Hong Kong, Florida, New York, and Mainland China. He brings over 39 years of diverse and varied experience essential to the successful emergence, growth, commercialization and financial restructuring of real estate, resource, and infrastructure projects.

In 1981 he was hired as a Vice President at the Henry S. Miller Company in Dallas Texas and 1983 joined the DCB Investments, Inc. of Dallas as a Partner in charge of finance and restructuring. In 1990 he joined AmeriFirstBank where he was responsible for securitization, restructuring and asset dispositions. Following this he worked as a Managing Director of London Manhattan Group Ltd. based in New York City.  He led a series of companies, both start-ups and restructurings, where he led the financing and development effort until joining Northport International in 2012 to serve as the President and Chief Operating Officer specializing in the international merchant banking services, project finance and asset securitization. He is a graduate of Rollins College and Southern Methodist University. Mr. Murphy is a recipient of the distinguished Francis Ouimet Scholarship. 

John Joseph Murphy II

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Sallie Wagner


Cheng Kim Man Leo

In-House Counsel

Sallie Wagner is a licensed attorney in Florida, currently inactive in North Carolina and Missouri. She is also a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Instructor. 

In her law career of over 30 years, Sallie has provided legal and real estate services to government, corporate, and individual clients and customers. She worked with the quasi-government Resolution Trust Corporation, assisting with the resolution of the S&L crisis. She served as general counsel for the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri. She also has experience in various industries, such as telecommunications, energy/propane supplier, title insurance, and health care.  She testified before Congress regarding the delivery of legal services.  She also presented financial and tax analysis to Congress regarding proposed legislation affecting multifamily housing.

A graduate of Wake Forest University School of Law, she also holds a Certificate in Corporate Ethics & Compliance Management from Saint Louis University John Cook School of Business. 

Sallie is also a #1 international best selling author and speaker, as well as a podcast host and radio show host. 

In-House Counsel

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